Life just isn't fair, it is an undeniable fact and just how unfair life might be at one particular place, in one particular time might be considered a determining factor of how civilized that time and place might be.  I believe this to be true and it would seem that we are turning back (once again) to a time where we are less civilized.  Things like tolerance, the hatred of so many and of so much, a reveling of ignorance – these are things that also seem to determine just how civilized a society is.

There is a growing rationalization of our collective dissonance surrounding the unfair treatment of others.  As long as it is not me or mine then, well I may not like it but that’s just the way things are.  Things “are” that way because we allow them to be and even the rationalization we allow ourselves to use to soothe our potential guilt is something we at some point will need to squarely face in order to affect change.

It is apparent that there is an ever widening gap between those that have and those that struggle to get by. What we do in regards to this dilemma (of course there are those that deny this is a dilemma) may determine whether we are leaning away from or towards a more civilized world.

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