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"Boy, your spine is as crooked as a politician!"

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The reality is that one party has been shifting more and more to an authoritarian rule rather than a democratic one. The rush to make as many federal court judicial appointments, the absolutely despicable push towards more and more extreme gerrymandering of voting districts (this extreme version was in large part nurtured along by Carl Rove after the Bush years and termed by him as "Rat F***ked" - which is by the way the title of a book on the same subject), the equally despicable push of voter suppression laws particularly in what would be considered "swing" states along with a win at any cost mentality is costing us our democracy.  Trump is (so far and hopefully not much more) a culmination of the last several decades of these kinds of tactics.

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(Originally published 2-18-2012) Irregardless of the stock market (yet another scam on the working class) or the current state of political discourse.  Well it is obvious to most real thinking people that are willing to look at truth as opposed to a rationalized 'truth' that strokes their own narrow perception of the world!

DemocratsOur Congress has shown the world that they are perfectly willing to not govern as a democratic nation and will (as stated in public by a number of Senators and House Reps, like Mr. McConnell) not only hold the American public hostage but will extort them through minority rule, in a non-democratic fashion from now on and that their only purpose or number one goal is to defeat the opposition party incumbent! 

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Is this the battle to control the Internet or is it something more?

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Let's face it, our political system is one big mess!  Conflicts of interest are just the tip of the iceberg - not that that is anything new.  It's just that it has become a problem again along with the level of discouse, the unashamed, unabashed, unadultrated lying by our political leaders, the authoritarian leanings of our Congress and a general lack of integrity - the likes we've haven't seen in quite some time now. 

Most are saying, "let's wait and see what happens with this new administration" but it will be no surprise as to what is going to happen. Perhaps the specific details are yet to be observed but the general sense that things will come unhinged seems to be a sure thing.

Until "the people" demand that their political leaders (to start with) must have integrity, display honesty and work for their constituency we are doomed to fail. There are enough "people" that want and see what is required but I fear that we as a people will suffer before anything is done. Let's hope it ain't too late...

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The power given to some conservative governor’s to appoint “emergency managers” is one of the most insidious and anti-democratic.  Not only is it un-democratic, but it is  the way in which republican Michigan legislators usurped voter majority after having emergency manager legislation defeated by voters - they presented a new bill that they made sure could not be in essence defeated by public vote.  They did this by presenting the new bill which would reinstate emergency managers but they also added a small fiscal appropriations which in effect makes the new legislation “voter proof”! (spending bills cannot be vetoed by public vote)

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