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"Boy, your spine is as crooked as a politician!"

(Originally published 2-18-2012) Irregardless of the stock market (yet another scam on the working class) or the current state of political discourse.  Well it is obvious to most real thinking people that are willing to look at truth as opposed to a rationalized 'truth' that strokes their own narrow perception of the world!

DemocratsOur Congress has shown the world that they are perfectly willing to not govern as a democratic nation and will (as stated in public by a number of Senators and House Reps, like Mr. McConnell) not only hold the American public hostage but will extort them through minority rule, in a non-democratic fashion from now on and that their only purpose or number one goal is to defeat the opposition party incumbent! This of course, would be far more important and to this group, this affiliation, this political party is in fact far more important than governing the country and taking care of its citizens.

Thank you nut cases (and those idiots that helped elect them to office) in Congress and the (new) Republican partyrepub symbol for spotlighting an air of distrust, dishonesty and corruption in governing the worlds greatest democracy.

(to be continued...)

Is this the battle to control the Internet or is it something more?

Let's face it, our political system is one big mess!  Conflicts of interest are just the tip of the iceberg - not that that is anything new.  It's just that it has become a problem again along with the level of discouse, the unashamed, unabashed, unadultrated lying by our political leaders, the authoritarian leanings of our Congress and a general lack of integrity - the likes we've haven't seen in quite some time now. 

Most are saying, "let's wait and see what happens with this new administration" but it will be no surprise as to what is going to happen. Perhaps the specific details are yet to be observed but the general sense that things will come unhinged seems to be a sure thing.

Until "the people" demand that their political leaders (to start with) must have integrity, display honesty and work for their constituency we are doomed to fail. There are enough "people" that want and see what is required but I fear that we as a people will suffer before anything is done. Let's hope it ain't too late...

The power given to some conservative governor’s to appoint “emergency managers” is one of the most insidious and anti-democratic.  Not only is it un-democratic, but it is  the way in which republican Michigan legislators usurped voter majority after having emergency manager legislation defeated by voters - they presented a new bill that they made sure could not be in essence defeated by public vote.  They did this by presenting the new bill which would reinstate emergency managers but they also added a small fiscal appropriations which in effect makes the new legislation “voter proof”! (spending bills cannot be vetoed by public vote)

In truth our politics have always been contrary to our morality and ethics as a society, but in our current, modern, supposedly enlightened society the guy running for President of the United States is an utter embarrassment!  How can what seems to be a minority have raised up this candidate that represents everything we abhore in an individual?  What in god’s name can the Republican’s be thinking?  The idea that they would support and back a man who is clearly so utterly unqualified to be President is confounding at best and in the end they will hopefully pay dearly. (not a likely consequence these days where no one is held accountable – kind of a Ronald Reagan thing isn’t it?)

So, like everyone else let’s go through the litany of absurdities this “guy” has bombarded the public with – some folks fondly appreciative but I would like to think those are in the minority.

Almost unlimited money in U.S. politics and a party asking political members to take an oath to the party!  Just a couple of the perversions of todays political arena. Watch Bennie's discussion of these issues and then think, please...

Once again we find irresponsible political hacks leading our country and misrepresenting the people of America!  The "fools on the hill" are up to no good (as if they could help themselves) and there is no telling what these misrerable clowns will do next.  One thing is for sure, they most likely won't be acting in the best interest of the country nor the majority, general working class!

As a group these clowns have no respect for the general public.  They truly represent (themselves and) the richest individuals and the corporations that are really running this country (and other countries - most of which are pathetically corrupt).

This video says it all.  It doesn't take much intelligence to figure this out...

For those who don't believe in our government (helping those who need the most help), listen up!

Once again we find irresponsible political hacks leading our country and misrepresenting the peoples of America!  The "fools on the hill" are up to no good (as if they could help themselves) and there is no telling what these misrerable clowns will do next.  One thing is for sure, they most likely won't be acting in the best interest of the country nor the majority, general working class!

For now I say, "Good night and good luck..."

So the latest elections are over and the winners and losers move on to things that matter, or well in most cases. But in the case of Mitt Romney and John McCain they are reliving their pitiful, angry, selfish and self-entitled lives over and over again.  This is truly a light shinning on an individuals true character.  Not what they paint as a public perception, nor even what they think of themselves albeit through dissonance colored glasses.  It is what makes an individual that truly counts - who they really are through actions, deeds and not just words.

Both Mitt Romney (even though you can't get a consistent straight answer over the period of a few months from him) and Paul Ryan want to legislate women's healthcare decisions about women's own bodies, including pregnancy, abortions and even contraception.  If you have religious convictions about any of these things why then can't you make those decisions for yourself?  Why can't you use or not use contraception based on your own beliefs or faith?  Why can't you do that for yourself and why does the Republican Party, including Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to tell you what to do regarding those issues? 

Has the Republican Party gone off the deep end?  Oh brother, what a question!  They are exactly what they rail against regarding extreme Islam, their hate of public establishments and the like. They are the anti-Christ incarnate. The utter hypocrisy with which they argue is totally astounding.  Without even considering the religious right piece of this which is truly unbelievable in itself, you have a party platform that is a throw-back to the turn of the century from the 1900's!

The republican Party is bluffing in an attempt to influence (how easily done too!) the media by projecting a perception of positive momentum to get the media to parrot the positive message so that people will think they are behind a winning candidate.  They do this time and time again because they believe it works regardless of its level of pure garbage-tude, the fact that it is a lie and of low integrity. (isn't that what politicians are all about, low integrity?)

Mitt Romney hints (wrongly - again) that President Obama the day after the embassy attack in Libya only was interested in campaigning for the next election.  But what he didn't say was what President Obama did say in referring to the attack as terrorism the very next day in the White House rose garden.  This, in my opinion shows us the true character of Mitt Romney. When arguing with Candy Crowley over debate protocol that he agreed to in advance shows us the true character of the man.  After being corrected about being factually wrong about the President's words the day after the Libya embassy attack and not being able to concede the fact is a real display of a lack of character on Mitt Romney's part.

I am loving how the pundits are placing so much emphasis on the debates.  Does anyone really think that the majority of "thinking" Americans have not yet either decided on Obama or on Romney?  Yes, it could be that the fate of our highest elected official will lie in the hands of those "undecided" or "independent" voters in a handful of "swing" states.  This is what our democratic system has come to, a few hillbillies - let's make it difficult if not outright impossible for those that lean towards democratic voting, the righteous right - the earth is 6,000 years old, when acts of legitimate rape occur the female body has ways to thwart being impregnated and I don't believe in evolution states and individuals labeled as undecided and independents that inhabit those areas to decide who should be the next leader of the free world!

Candidate Paul Ryan gets pissed off by a Michigan reporter questioning him about if America has a gun and crime problem.  In his initial response before calling off the interview he talks about how to fight crime in America's inner cities by creating greater opportunities by among other things "how to teach people good discipline, good character" in the inner cities.  What?  This is the kind of talk that seeps out of Republicans mouths little by little when you listen to them talking in all the interviews they do (this is why Romney does little to no interviews) through the country.  You've heard it before although they don't really want you to think of them as thinking this way, but it is as plain as the sky is blue.

What Mitt Romney and the Republican party would like, according to their own rhetoric is for the individual states to have ultimate power over their individual legislation - which if you actually stop and think about it without the ridiculous arguments from conservatives, is the dumbest thing ever!  Let's say an individual state wishes to not allow available, affordable legal representation to the rural poor.  They can certainly legislate that and not allow legal aid public funding for such an organization but is that constitutional?  Conservatives justify this kind of exploitation by legislation assuming that the playing field is level.  This is the kind of argument you get from those who thought slavery did not exploit, or that farm workers in California during the 50's and 60's were not exploited either through legislation or the lack of!  Governor Reagan vetoed funding for rural legal aid allowing trumped up charges to be levied against the CRLA. A legal aid organization for rural workers. 

Gov. Christie talks BS on Meet the Press this morning, but that is his job.  That is the current definition of a "politcian" - a total lying bull **** artist!  Yes, both sides partake of the definition and prove that it is a true definition but what we hear from the right is absolutely astounding and you must assume that they believe that the electorate is so ignorant and just plain stupid! RepublicanTake for instance the fairly recent discovery from Todd Akin about the female human anatomy and how it can react to trauma such as in the case of rape. How about someone more mainstream like Sen. Kyl in Arizona while talking about Planned Parenthood he stated a less than factual (less than, does that mean it was a lie?) statement about the percentage of abortion related services they perform and then his staff releases a statement saying that his comments were "not meant to be factual" !  What complete horse hooey (crap in case you needed factual clarification) !  DemocratsThis is yet another U.S. Senator making these kinds of statements (especially) to the public. Allen West and his I have it from reliable sources that their are communists among the Democratic elected Congress.  A liar, psychotic or all three? (did he say T H R E E ?)

This certainly may be true, the electorate can be unbelievably dense and uninformed but we have always relied on the electorate in eventually giving the country what it wants. (even though it may take a term or two, or even close to a generation in resolving this choice)

Scott Brown of Massachusetts. doesn't wear a white sheet or a pointy white hat.  He doesn't say things in public that are outright racist, like Jews are a scourge to society and people of color have a genetically diminished capacity for learning, but does that mean he isn't one?  Do you have to look like someone's racist perception of something to be that?  Does an American Indian have to have red or brown skin and braided hair, wear a headband with a feather and speak in broken English to be of Indian descent?  Is Barack Obama Caucasian or African American?  Is it a lie that his mother was white?  Does he not have Caucasian blood in his veins?  Is he not partially of Caucasian descent?

While protests against America abound all over the world in countries where Muslims live and worship Mitt the Magic ... whatever - remains and cannot (or will not) reverse his comments about this administrations sympathy with those that attacked our foreign embassies.

This is a man that wants to be the leader of our country, the President of the United States.  A man that is apparently happy to nurture hate and mis-information.  What Mitt Romney suggested about the current administration and President Obama was just shy of disgusting and despicable.  He shows that he has no knowledge of foreign affairs, even the most benign of situations - like the London Olympics causes him to mis-step, stumble and fall flat on his face.  That is unless you are among the fanatics, crazies and extremists that he is obviously catering to on the right.

Bi-Partisan HandshakeYes, let's do more stupid talk. So most Republican politicians and pundits acknowledge that President Obama was handed a very bad economy when he took office. But then they go on to say that he has had three years to affect our economy and has done a terrible job. They continue, President Obama's policies have failed. What all Republicans fail to acknowledge is the fact that president Obama has been unable to affect virtually any policy because in his first year we had a Senate that ruled by minority rule-invoking an unprecedented number of filibusters to block legislation that would've enacted the incumbent President's “policies”. In the remaining two years after Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

Or I should say, I'm back.  I am back from the land of utter disgust, disdain, disappointment and some despair.  U.S. politics is in the gutter, has been for a time but is getting worse seemingly all the time.  Is this a reflection of the world's society?  Maybe Democratic Partybut it is definitely a U.S. phenomena that is about to take a great turn depending on the free and open (ah, well somewhat open) elections the greatest country in the world is so well known for.  Bull biscuits!  The fanaticism of the extremists in the United States has reached a fever pitch and we will see what the public, in part and the divisive, manipulating partisan political machine will decide in the next election.

Coming from the candidate and his campaign staff has been the biggest pile of bull biscuits, possibly in the history of the Presidency of the United States!  This coming from the Romney cult - apparently the biggest bunch of liars or misled fools on the face of the earth! Goose-stepping their meaningless, imbecilic talking points over and over again. (a standard republican tactic)

So really republicans, this is the guy you chose to run as your candidate for the leader of our great country?   Really?  You'd have done better by begging Sen. McCain to run again! 

Let's get all this straight; you had NOTHING to do with Bain Capital while working with the Olympics after Feb. 1999 but you were the President, CEO and owner afterwards as noted in personally signed legal documents.  (You hack!)  So I can be CEO and President of my own corporation and file legal documents to that effect but not be responsible in any way for that corporation in any way shape or form?  (You lying hack!)  Give me a break, this is the most absurd argument I have heard in years!

Nothing could be more truthful in today's political climate!  I think it is pretty easily assumed that most 'citizens' think of politicians in general in this way.  One can also assume that probably most constituents think fairly well about their own representative regardless of the job they are doing.  (take someone like Joe Walsh - what a horses patoout!)

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