World Politics

"It's all about the money, baby..."

The new book, Capital in the Twenty First Centuryby Thomas Piketty is being talked about in economic cirles as a must read.  I haven't read it as of yet, but will soon. 

Regarding inequality, let's see what other economists are saying about it..

Economist Paul Krugman from on Vimeo.

What is happening with regards to U.S. intervention in Syria?  We hear very little but I assume, hope, wonder what if anything is being done behind the big red, white and blue curtain.  Today the International Red Cross was given permission to enter the battered city of Homs. What information might come out of that city in the coming days?

What is shown to be happening there is, well quite frankly can anyone say it is not a crime against humanity?  If the people of Syria are happy with a King, Emperor, Dictator or even a democratically elected head of state - well goodie.  But to kill your own people to quash decent is an atrocity.

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