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  • Republican's Want to Kill Social Security!

  • Return of Monopolies

    In an ever growing world dominated by corporations we have seen the successful resurgence of the corporate monopoly!  Whether you want to believe it or not many of the largest and most (politically) powerful corporations have a strangle hold on products, services and governments.  The latest news in the U.S., Kraft merging with Heinz, but don't forget Comcast and Time Warner or Exon and Mobil to name a few of the larger mergers in recent time.  These are the ones with names we are familiar with, how about Vodifone, Cellco, RBS Holdings and the list goes on!  The folks (crooks) doing these deals will tell you it is a good thing and that the costs of goods and services provided by these companies will go down as a result of the mergers (monopolies).  Not so!  That is the biggest bunk of bull biscuits you'll hear!  In fact once a "market" is secured by many of these monopolies the total cost to the consumer of these goods and services goes up!  By a lot in many cases.  Check the trend in the cost of generic drug prices recently, not to mention brand name drugs.  We all know how gasoline prices have out paced inflation by four football fields in the last 4 decades, not to mention food (especially food commodities - what a con job).

  • Say What about Social Security?

    Social Security benefits are not an entitlement, it is insurance YOU paid for! But Congress believes that the funds for Social Security and other social programs are an entitlement for them to raid! The want to make cuts and raid any surplus for themselves and then NEVER pay it back!  SHAME on Congress!

  • The Miserable Cliff - again

    Once again we find irresponsible political hacks leading our country and misrepresenting the people of America!  The "fools on the hill" are up to no good (as if they could help themselves) and there is no telling what these misrerable clowns will do next.  One thing is for sure, they most likely won't be acting in the best interest of the country nor the majority, general working class!

    As a group these clowns have no respect for the general public.  They truly represent (themselves and) the richest individuals and the corporations that are really running this country (and other countries - most of which are pathetically corrupt).

  • The New Inequality and the 1%

    The new book, Capital in the Twenty First Centuryby Thomas Piketty is being talked about in economic cirles as a must read.  I haven't read it as of yet, but will soon. 

    Regarding inequality, let's see what other economists are saying about it..

    Economist Paul Krugman from on Vimeo.

  • What Americans Want?

    “What the people want is very simple. They want an America as good as its promise.”, this a statement from Barbara Jordan. Ms. Jordan was a lawyer, educator, politician and exceptional human being from Texas.

    There is little if nothing else that need be said when you take the context of this statement. No quandry over if you question the meaning of "what is, is" or the bald faced lies of the current adminstration as well as past and present elected representative. ("his remark was not meant to be a factural statement", concerning Jon Kyle of AZ and his televised statement regarding planned parenthood.)

    Is it that difficult for people, especially those in office to make good on their own rehtoric?

  • What's New?

    The answer to the question with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic is, "not a damn thing!" Nothing has changed publicly in regards to the virus, any current treatment, immunization or proven new treatment or medication. So why is the world (and in particular the United States) beginning to open it's businesses for business as usual?  Well again, that's easy, it's money and the acquisition of it.  Instead of finding ways to sustain the masses without subjecting the populous to the spread and horrors of a disease that has yet to be contained we will put those, the most vulnerable at risk so the few, the least vulnerable can acquire and build their already obscene fortunes even more!

    Nothing has changed yet folks! But let's not act responsibly nor even civilized. Let's be utter greedy bas****s, which brings up and whole slew of issues about our society, cultures, religions and you name it!

  • WTF - Does it Stand for "World Trade Federation"?

    The reality is that one party has been shifting more and more to an authoritarian rule rather than a democratic one. The rush to make as many federal court judicial appointments, the absolutely despicable push towards more and more extreme gerrymandering of voting districts (this extreme version was in large part nurtured along by Carl Rove after the Bush years and termed by him as "Rat F***ked" - which is by the way the title of a book on the same subject), the equally despicable push of voter suppression laws particularly in what would be considered "swing" states along with a win at any cost mentality is costing us our democracy.  Trump is (so far and hopefully not much more) a culmination of the last several decades of these kinds of anti-democratic tactics.

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