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wealth and wealth inequality

  • Bloomberg - Yet another Trump

    Mike Bloomberg has announced he is running for U.S. President, but what is he and what does he really stand for?  Another rich, out of touch with the real world, holier than thou, I can do anything I want "businessman".  Yeah just what this country needs again is another rich, megalomaniac.  Mike (may I call you Mike?), Mike has shown his elitist stature at the climate talks in Spain. Announcing a news conference at the summit in Spain and then taking not a single question from the media was brilliantly stupid!  It was very "Trumpian" in its fascist, moronic, absurdity.  This is yet another rich individual (****) that wants to be the President of the United States. Another rich guy that does not have the wherewithal to answer a simple question (maybe because it was from a Democracy Now reporter - one he might deem as an undesirable) about what "he" would do about climate change while at the climate change conference after announcing he would have a news conference!

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