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Can anyone really say that most politicians are not liars?  Big fat liars at that! The absurdity that is broadcast every day from pundits, news journalists, politicians that frequent the media airways and the moronic BS'ers that claim the title political party consultants is undeniably depressing!

We now have a presidential candidate that just out and out bald-faced lies about anything that he feels might give him an advantage over his opponent in the fall election. The unabashed stupid talk keeps pouring in from individuals like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Alan West, Orly Tates and so on.  (I won't name some of the more intelligent people that engage in stupid talk just yet in an effort to first make more of a point)  These people not only are talking directly to the rabid, radical base - they are that gone bonkers base!  Others that had more credibility (until they start mouthing this insipid dribble) and are generally considered far more intelligent (without them having to tell you that they are fabulously intelligent) have decided to wag the dog.  Here they engage in something we used to see little of due to a tempered outlook on how the general public would react (at the polls that is) to utter stupid talk.

I don't know if it has been decided that the public will look far more favorably towards this trend of goose-stepping, scripted lies told over and over again because of a polarized political environment or that they are just that plain stupid?

Time will only tell and be sure that no one will take responsibility for their own ignorance or utter stupidity.  The liars certainly never do and I don't expect that to change!

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0 #5 Big Fat Stinkin Liar 2018-07-19 08:09
It does seem that the public is willing to swallow the incessant lies from Trump and the people in Congress, it is really a crying shame, or lying shame!
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0 #4 Lying Lars 2017-04-22 18:28
Now that candidate is unbelievably our President and the lying is continuing. The party support for the lies, blatant conflicts of interest and the disgusting totally un-American behavior of the Republican party is hard to believe. But it is happening and will continue to happen because Congress (particularly the current Republican Congress) are cowards and greedy [****]s.

Greed is the new social status quo and stupidity now in vogue and to be strutted around like a badge of honor. There is of course no honor in stupidity or greed. Is ignorance now apparently charming?
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+1 #3 Lana 2016-08-31 13:41
Funny, this was originally written in 2012 but now in 2016 it is just as valid! And the moronic statements regarding the presidential race at the time from Donald Trump are once again coming from him except this time HE is one of the presidential candidates!
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0 #2 Mandie 2012-08-14 07:29
It is obvious that the politicians think that the public is stupid and gullible enough to take the bait. Stupid talk is a way for those politicians to keep their jobs and lie to all Americans. The more stupid, lying, crooked politicians there are the more the real power people, those that are the super rich corporate owners will be able to rig the system!
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0 #1 Auntie Sam 2012-06-11 18:30
Yes this is absurd but just as absurd is the Republican Party working to make the American economy fail and thereby winning the next election. If it works they will readily do it again! You want to talk about un-American, it is disgusting!
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