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The republican Party is bluffing in an attempt to influence (how easily done too!) the media by projecting a perception of positive momentum to get the media to parrot the positive message so that people will think they are behind a winning candidate.  They do this time and time again because they believe it works regardless of its level of pure garbage-tude, the fact that it is a lie and of low integrity. (isn't that what politicians are all about, low integrity?)

So create total fantasy reality and sell it hard, tell lies over and over so that people hear them enough they begin to believe the lies are truth. This is the republican and Carl Rove playbook.  The American public doesn't deserve honest integrity, they must believe the public is either too stupid or not capable of determining their own governmental future.  This is a conservative theory that is out there but not talked about much in public circles.

So the republican candidate has flip-flopped, etch-a-sketched, reversed, changed his mind not once, not twice but in many cases three, four or more times is the guy you or anyone wants to be their President?  It is somehow mind blowing to think that anyone would really want someone with so little (or none at all) conviction, so little integrity as to say anything at any time to win the Presidency. Now if you ignore all that and really believe that taxes should be lower, including those at the very top that pay far less proportionally than any other tax paying group, that most if not all industries should be de-regulated, that women should not make their own decisions about healthcare, including providing healthcare to the poorest through organizations like Planned Parenthood, that employers can dictate what is covered and what is not, where the elderly need to start paying for more of their healthcare services and at higher rates, then sure - you would vote republican.

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