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In the weeks immediately after winning the majority in the House, Republicans are showing everyone what they stand for.  They want to dismantle abortion rights any way they can (democratic or otherwise), they want to eliminate Planned Parenthood altogether.  This is an organization that among other things provides more than 800,000 women with breast exams, more than 4 million Americans with testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and 2.5 million people with contraception, which, not for nothing, is the stuff that prevents unintended pregnancy, and thus abortion, to begin with. 

repub symbolNothing what so ever to do with jobs in America.  They do want to get rid of worker unions, give more tax breaks to the wealthy (business and individuals) and they want to subvert the democratic process.  (Well, in all fairness Democrat's are willing to subvert the democratic process as well!)

Is this the new Republican party by way of the Christian Right (and all other forms of radical Christianity, like the 'Family')?  Is this what the party of conservative ideas has become?  Fanatical, anti-democratic extremists? 

dem-logo.gifMany that I talk to often question what is so 'Christian' about conservative Republican ideas?  The ideas that they espouse don't seem charitable, meek or compassionate by any means.  Politicians on both sides have little if any 'humility'.  Again, we hear more hate and fear preaching than we do any real leadership.  Any true leadership is clouded and stifled by the rabble rousers creating noise so they can further their own agenda's without honest, due process.

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