It is that simple and true when it comes down to brass tacks, the Republican platform is to support big business profits and let the individual fend for themselves.  No matter how it is spun that is the bottom line.  It certainly doesn't take a genius to see it throughout recent political history, but there are legions that rationalize and through dissonance make themselves believe otherwise, to our collective detriment!

After years of proving that tax cuts to the wealthy, little or no regulation and trickle-down economics doesn't work (look what it brought us to, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression) and yet (too) many still won't acknowledge it!  Look at the fairly recent vote for House bill, H.R.4173.  Not a single Republican voted for the bill.  A bill that contains regulatory constraints on financial companies.  Ohhhh, that would be so bad to make the richest people, the richest companies in the world have more ethical restraint, be bound by laws that protect the public from their predatory and reckless practices.  That would be bad wouldn't it Republicans and those that rationalize the truth?