So most of us, if not all are inundated with SPAM email every single day!  It is so anoying, intrusive, disruptive and a total waste of time for most!  Why, so many people ask?  Well, the reason seems to be that there are enough dopes out there that open and purchase products, services or get scammed that it makes it worthwhile to those that propogate SPAM!  To me it is kind of like choosing to shop at WalMart, by patronizing them you impliciltly and tasidly approve and validate their existence!  (I realize that in some situations people may not have a choice due to availability or economics)  But SPAM does not have to be opened, virtually ever!  By doing so you make it possible for the clowns that use SPAM as a marketing tool to do so by validating their approach. 

Somehow, there are those that believe that business will level itself, acting appropriately and with ethics.  Where they get this idea (more like a dream) is beyond me.  Business (and individuals in all too many cases) have proven that they will float to the bottom because they are driven by greed in the long run!

It is the same with SPAM.  By patronizing SPAMERS (opening SPAM or even worse purchasing product or services advertised via SPAM) just validates the damn stuff!  Show some integrity of your own and blast it to your Deleted folder and just resist the urge to open the garbage!