In an ever growing world dominated by corporations we have seen the successful resurgence of the corporate monopoly!  Whether you want to believe it or not many of the largest and most (politically) powerful corporations have a strangle hold on products, services and governments.  The latest news in the U.S., Kraft merging with Heinz, but don't forget Comcast and Time Warner or Exon and Mobil to name a few of the larger mergers in recent time.  These are the ones with names we are familiar with, how about Vodifone, Cellco, RBS Holdings and the list goes on!  The folks (crooks) doing these deals will tell you it is a good thing and that the costs of goods and services provided by these companies will go down as a result of the mergers (monopolies).  Not so!  That is the biggest bunk of bull biscuits you'll hear!  In fact once a "market" is secured by many of these monopolies the total cost to the consumer of these goods and services goes up!  By a lot in many cases.  Check the trend in the cost of generic drug prices recently, not to mention brand name drugs.  We all know how gasoline prices have out paced inflation by four football fields in the last 4 decades, not to mention food (especially food commodities - what a con job).

I earlier referred to these 'folks' as crooks, well the truth is that they have managed to manipulate the legislative process to allow what they want to do to be legal.  These are areas that might have been grey before or outright illegal but are now legal and within the constraints of the new legislation.

Elect people that allow and protect these kinds of corporate created legislation, acquisitions, mergers (monopolies) and the results are what you see now.  In a free democratic country like the United States we have policy and law being written and directed by a few individuals and the corporations that front for their oligarchy (certainly not a democracy).  Strong words, maybe but we are allowing these bullies to take over our democracy here in the U.S. by making charitable excuses for them and believing their lies.  We must allow ourselves to "think for ourselves", don't allow ignorance to be exploited or the dumb-ing, numbing of our society at large to be used against us and to further enrich the few.