I don't understand how anyone that has conservative ideas, like being fiscially responsible (to me an irony, but none the less) and other conservative ideas - how they can accept the behavior of their party in the United States Congress in recent years and particularly right this minute!  How can an American, one that believes in American ideals believe in hidding or discouraging truth, divirting attention from the truth being examined and peverting majority (or for that matter respect for the minority whichever that party is at the time) rule. It has become, over time a greater pevertion of democracy with at its end - true facism. Will our current president postpone elections if he thinks they will not end to his liking? He has already peverted and disgraced the office of presidency. He maligns and perverts law enforcement, justice and many of the pilars of our once but no longer proud democracy. He is divisive, stokes fear and hatered, but his party in Congress has done little to nothing to stand up to this disgraceful behavior. Anyone and anything that disagrees with him or suggests that he has run afowl is instantly labled "fake" or becomes a "witch hunt". He is a farce and now his party has become a farce, taking on his own dispicable characteristics.

There once was a time when leadership (Congress to a large degree) was an example of what we should aspire to be.  That certainly is no longer the case. Our leaders are petty and display an example of greed and utter corruption. They teach us that to win any way you can is ok, even by throwing out those values that once were considered a bright and shinning star, the best of what America exemplified.  They give themselves the title of "honorable" but yet they lack honor in every way. They don't really belive in earning something like honor (or the title of honorable) because they feel it is "due" them as having attained their place in office - no matter how disgracefully done.

[5-7-2020 UPDATE:] Republicans in Congress remain steadfast in their unwillingness to speak out or vote their own mind. Those that do are quickly punished in one form or another or run out of the party. This is a very dangerous predicament for the party and the country! Long ago the party instituted a policy or rule of submission that based on the party leaderships whims the party elected are under threat of retribution. That rule and its threat have become unabashed and blatent. The party goose steps through virtually every vote it makes in Congress, at the state and every level of government.