Finally, one more voice amongst those in the forest. One voice that not only sounds of reason but upon close scrutiny is sound and reasonable.  Not a voice that is only one sided and only speaks in half truths or half lies.  A voice that appears to be an honest voice, albeit conservative but a voice of the people from the right side of the room.

Nathan Fletcher leaves the GOP because he sees the party being too extreme and wrong-headed in that it is willing to not govern (negotiate and compromise for the greater public good) in order to use an issue for political advantage. 

This is the kind of crap that the parties will now stoop to in order to gain political advantage for their own side and that which Nathan Fletcher no longer is willing to be party to!  Hooray for an honest, articulate politician. It should not matter much if one is conservative or liberal, republican or democrat - but that one is honest and willing to actually govern and not to game the system at the expense of the public and ultimately to the detriment of the [democratic] political system.

I would prefer to see Mr. Fletcher running once again as a representative at the state or federal level because I think in that role he could do far more good than as Mayor.  But at least we are talking about the need for more civil, reasonable, honest and those willing to actually govern as opposed to those that want to game the system.