Gov. Christie talks BS on Meet the Press this morning, but that is his job.  That is the current definition of a "politcian" - a total lying bull **** artist!  Yes, both sides partake of the definition and prove that it is a true definition but what we hear from the right is absolutely astounding and you must assume that they believe that the electorate is so ignorant and just plain stupid! RepublicanTake for instance the fairly recent discovery from Todd Akin about the female human anatomy and how it can react to trauma such as in the case of rape. How about someone more mainstream like Sen. Kyl in Arizona while talking about Planned Parenthood he stated a less than factual (less than, does that mean it was a lie?) statement about the percentage of abortion related services they perform and then his staff releases a statement saying that his comments were "not meant to be factual" !  What complete horse hooey (crap in case you needed factual clarification) !  DemocratsThis is yet another U.S. Senator making these kinds of statements (especially) to the public. Allen West and his I have it from reliable sources that their are communists among the Democratic elected Congress.  A liar, psychotic or all three? (did he say T H R E E ?)

This certainly may be true, the electorate can be unbelievably dense and uninformed but we have always relied on the electorate in eventually giving the country what it wants. (even though it may take a term or two, or even close to a generation in resolving this choice)


What is difficult for the masses is the utter crap that is currently being spewed in the last couple of election cycles. 

It is also appearent that the electorate gets no help from the media news sources, they have become journal-tainers providing sensationalized journal-tainment.  Even some of the more reliable journalists, the ones that up until now have displayed a sense of integrity and substance seem to be intimidated towards having to "sell" their brand of news-ertainment.  Just like the politicians they supposedly cover they act as cheap, in many cases outright lying crooks, cheating the public of the truth and journalistic integrity as they peddle their own branded propoganda.

From the politicians we are hearing only fluff and devisive propoganda.  Almost nowhere do we hear truthful details of what they want to do for the country because they are afraid the other side will be able to use it against them.  We have a Republican Congress that has been unwilling to govern but willing to bring our American democracy to a grinding halt.  Seemingly all to regain elected (and I use the word "elected" loosely) control over government.  They have shown to the world that they have no intention of sharing power in the most blatent un-democratic fashion short of using physical force.  The examples of idealogical fanaticism in governing is utterly disgusting and is exactly what the (extremist) right rants against to rev up their seemingly larger than before base.