So the latest elections are over and the winners and losers move on to things that matter, or well in most cases. But in the case of Mitt Romney and John McCain they are reliving their pitiful, angry, selfish and self-entitled lives over and over again.  This is truly a light shinning on an individuals true character.  Not what they paint as a public perception, nor even what they think of themselves albeit through dissonance colored glasses.  It is what makes an individual that truly counts - who they really are through actions, deeds and not just words.

I personally think John McCain is a good husband and great father but as is the case with most of humanity there are failings that when a spotlight is shined upon them, particularly in the public areana for men and women like Mr. McCain it shine all the more harshly.  Mr. Romney seems to be, under this spolight a particularly sad individual that is so far removed from having a clue to what peoples lives are really like (except for those in his own very wealthly circle) as well as a spoiled adolesent who blames others for his own failings.

The Repbulican party now seems to be soul searching.  Searching as to whether or not they can be the fanatical extremists they had portrayed in the last few recent election cycles or whether they need to have at least one foot on the ground and become a politcal party that is once again willing to govern and not just rant about sound bites.  The party is flush with crackpots, cranks and (literally) crazies!  Individuals like Allen West, Michelle Bachman, Todd Akins (although he lost his election bid), Broun, Walsh, Wilson, Norquist and too many others that de-legitimize the party including the nutty party platform.

I'm not sure that the Republicans are willing to govern yet.  I expect them to play the same old game of "no" to most everything as well as the now standard hate speech that they believe serves them so well!