So has the Republican party finally decided that Romney is the one?  Well hold on just a second!  I think they are going to hold their collective breath and see what happens specifically in Ohio but a number of other states considered key this coming Super Tuesday.  It seems insane when you look closely (well maybe even cross-eyed) at the field of candidates.  This is the most extreme, bizzare (I would use the word queer but it has come to mean something new in todays venacular and truly ironically so) kookie field of candidates, probably ever!  Which in itself is bizzare since both the long held conservative movement and the Republican party has many intelligent, well versed, well informed (did I say intelligent yet?) members that can most certainly articulate the conservative position in a fair, meaningful, democratic way.  Yet what we see by and large both in the potential candidates and the state as well as federal level representation are flame-throwing, unyeilding 'politicians' unwilling to compromise and participate in our democracy as opposed to dictating policies from on up high. 

Do they even have an idea about what their constituents really want?  It doesn't appear to be so if you look at the Walker's, Scott's, McDonnell's, Kasich's and many other Republican elected officials that have pushed radical agenda's that their public obviously doesn't and never did want!