In truth our politics have always been contrary to our morality and ethics as a society, but in our current, modern, supposedly enlightened society the guy running for President of the United States is an utter embarrassment!  How can what seems to be a minority have raised up this candidate that represents everything we abhore in an individual?  What in god’s name can the Republican’s be thinking?  The idea that they would support and back a man who is clearly so utterly unqualified to be President is confounding at best and in the end they will hopefully pay dearly. (not a likely consequence these days where no one is held accountable – kind of a Ronald Reagan thing isn’t it?)

So, like everyone else let’s go through the litany of absurdities this “guy” has bombarded the public with – some folks fondly appreciative but I would like to think those are in the minority.


•    He has met Putin or he never has, Trump has stated both.
•    The NFL sent him a letter concerned about the conflict between football programming and a potential debate.  The NFL has denied ever sending him such a letter.
•    He was invited to meet with the Koch brothers, their spokesperson said that never happened.
•    His incredible remarks in response to the Kahn families opposition to him stated at the recent Democratic Convention.
•    His reference to hitting “a number of those speakers so hard their heads would spin” apparently in response to Michael Bloomberg’s speech denouncing Trump also at the Democratic Convention.
•    Of course there are the misogynistic comments about women, various religious slurs, ethnic slurs and bizarre policies he says he would enact if elected. His readiness to use atomic weapons and on and on and on…

His apparent lack of empathy, his thin skin, not to mention his erratic speech and child-like rants when criticized or confronted makes it seem that it would be insane to elect this man as President.  But then perhaps there are enough in the voting public to do just that.  Or I would rather think that if those in the voting public are apathetic enough to not vote “against” this fool, then we all may have this fool as our next President!  For god’s sake please vote!