Nothing could be more truthful in today's political climate!  I think it is pretty easily assumed that most 'citizens' think of politicians in general in this way.  One can also assume that probably most constituents think fairly well about their own representative regardless of the job they are doing.  (take someone like Joe Walsh - what a horses patoout!)

RepubliThe way that Washington and Sacramento and Boston and Montgomery and so on and so on are run - it is really the corporations and special interests (in other words - the wealthiest among us) that dictate our government.  It has little to do with "of and by the people" and more "this is how it is going to be because I have all the money and power".  We live in a corrupt climate both socially and politically – where leaders socially, politically and in business are corrupt and not held accountable.  They are even held in the highest esteem as long as they are making tons of profit.  We look at someone like, say, Donald Trump and look at him as a leader, really?  Just because he has money I suppose, which is frightening when you actually listen to this guy and do a little scratching off the surface concerning his background and history.  Now I shouldn’t pick on poor old Donald but he is one example that I believe can edify my point.

The public seems willing, or at least the portion of the public that gets the most media attention to allow those with the most money to stake out positions on public policy. Then there are the ‘nuts’, the fanatics and extremists that have bubbled up to the surface in today’s public arena who have been allowed to take over positions of authority and ‘leadership’.  This is not restricted to just one side although one side has certainly made a very good job of it – the fringe loons like Allen West, Joe Walsh just to name two, are in office and doing what for this country?  Their motives for being in elected office make you wonder just what it is in their character that motivates them to be in office.