The reality is that one party has been shifting more and more to an authoritarian rule rather than a democratic one. The rush to make as many federal court judicial appointments, the absolutely despicable push towards more and more extreme gerrymandering of voting districts (this extreme version was in large part nurtured along by Carl Rove after the Bush years and termed by him as "Rat F***ked" - which is by the way the title of a book on the same subject), the equally despicable push of voter suppression laws particularly in what would be considered "swing" states along with a win at any cost mentality is costing us our democracy.  Trump is (so far and hopefully not much more) a culmination of the last several decades of these kinds of anti-democratic tactics.

Kavanaugh, besides the obvious (the potential loss of a woman's rights to choose, the loss of any chance at [any type of] gun control legislation, the loss of any regulatory levelers in healthcare like "pre-existing conditions" as well as many civil and individual rights that will most likely be diminished at the very least and moreover that he appears to be a bald faced liar!) the fact that this jurist has written opinions on how he believes a sitting president should be immune from criminal indictments is just plan sick in light of the fact that the president (and his administration) which is nominating him is currently under investigation!  WTF?  Talk about stacking the deck!

It also seems that while being considered for his previous appeals court position while under oath during a confirmation hearing he mislead (lied to) Congressional questioners! A transgression confirmed in a written filing he submitted as well.  None the less he was confirmed anyway.

Sorry for the rant - but perhaps this is all that is left to anyone witnessing the decline (to put it mildly) of American democracy?