While protests against America abound all over the world in countries where Muslims live and worship Mitt the Magic ... whatever - remains and cannot (or will not) reverse his comments about this administrations sympathy with those that attacked our foreign embassies.

This is a man that wants to be the leader of our country, the President of the United States.  A man that is apparently happy to nurture hate and mis-information.  What Mitt Romney suggested about the current administration and President Obama was just shy of disgusting and despicable.  He shows that he has no knowledge of foreign affairs, even the most benign of situations - like the London Olympics causes him to mis-step, stumble and fall flat on his face.  That is unless you are among the fanatics, crazies and extremists that he is obviously catering to on the right.

It seems strange that the Republican party has lost control and allowed the fringe to take over, the party, the platform and by and large the politicians that are running under the Republican banner.  But yet it is true and the nuts that are not only in the party but being elected to office is insane!  Go figure, but what the Republican party of the 60's said no to, said this is too extreme, it will kill the party, the Republican party of today is happy to allow and go along with!  Will the takeover of the extremists in the party cause it to die on the vine?