"Thou shalt not bear false witness"

Well it appears to be another case of a politician (aka, bull ****ting liar. i.e., Sarah Palin) that wears their religious beliefs on their public sleeve that is so antithetical to the religion they tout

[Updated 1-6-2021]
So Mike Pence finally put on his big boy pants and is going to do the right, the proper, the legally required and the moral/ethical thing. The radicalized and fanatical in his party now hate him and some apparently want to do him harm.  Is this a political party or a cult?

[Updated 10-5-2021]
Once again Mike Pence shows us his true character. If ever anyone is going to hell it's got to be Mr. Pence! HIs self-serving attitude is shallow and displays his motivations quite clearly. Christian or un-Christian - you decide. The party is so full of ranting fanatics. Even the so called moderates and those few that openly do not support Trump continue to carry forward the fanaticism that created and allowed the ex-president to win office.