The American people and the politicians rhetoric tell us that one of the most important issues today is that of job creation for the country. Despite that and their rhetoric, our Republican politicians have chosen to ignore that issue and instead focus on important social issues like abortion, contraception (via health insurance) and gay anything.

It is through their contempt for our democratic system and their utter disdain or lack of caring for the American people that they set their plan in motion. That plan is to have this president, Barack Obama fail in his presidency by any means that they can. By blocking legislation through filibusters, stating they are for a particular policy and then voting against that policy or vice versa they are truly transparent in their plan, yet are not called out for it by the media pundits and opposing party. In a sick, dilusional way it seems the Republican Party might be glad to see job failure in any way that it manifests itself, either by turning down stimulus funding at the state level, stopping any additional federal stimulus funding legislation, jobs programs by the government and the like - they believe they will achieve their (as stated by some in the party, their #1) goal.

This kind of activity, posturing and policy shenanigans is clear in what it appears to be. Without resorting to name-calling I think most Americans can judge this for themselves - a rose is a rose.